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In this section, you will be able to view all the completed, public SCALES deliverables as well as a listing of scientific publications resulting from the project. Project logo, posters, and leaflets can be downloaded from the Media Centre.

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  • beta diversity
  • biotic communities
  • biotic interactions
  • climate change
  • connectivity
  • dissemination of results
  • disturbance
  • downscaling
  • ecosystem services
  • ecosystems
  • effectiveness instruments
  • efficiency of instruments
  • environmental pressures
  • extinction debt
  • fragmentation
  • functional diversity
  • genes
  • governance
  • habitat loss
  • individuals
  • innovative instruments
  • isolation
  • management
  • matching of methods and instruments
  • participation
  • policy
  • populations
  • practical suitability of methods and policy instruments
  • resilience
  • scale-dependent impact
  • SCALES Tool
  • socio-economic driving forces
  • species area relationships
  • species richness
  • stability
  • upscaling

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    Life-history traits influence species-area relationships

    Large-scale patterns of epiphytic lichen species richness: Photobiont-dependent response to climate and forest structure

    Landscape variables impact the structure and composition of butterfly assemblages along an urbanization gradient

    Landscape moderation of biodiversity patterns and processes - eight hypotheses
    PDF download

    Landscape matrix modifies richness of plants and insects in grassland fragments

    Landscape context affects the relationship between local and landscape species richness of butterflies in semi-natural habitats

    Land-use pattern modification for optimal bird\'s conservation

    Investigating the barriers to adopting a “human-in-nature” view in Greek biodiversity conservation

    Intergovernmental fiscal transfers to support local conservation action in Europe
    PDF download

    Insect Conservation

    Influence of Admixture and Paleolithic Range Contractions on Current European Diversity Gradients
    PDF download

    Increasing range mismatching of interacting species under global change is related to their ecological characteristics

    Improving conservation planning for semi-natural grasslands: Integrating connectivity into agri-environment schemes

    Impacts of land cover data selection and trait parameterisation on dynamic modelling of species’ range expansion

    Identifying the criteria underlying the political decision for the prioritization of the Greek Natura 2000 conservation network

    Identifying appropriate spatial scales of predictors in species distribution models with the random forest algorithm

    Human Activities in Natura 2000 Sites: A Highly Diversified Conservation Network

    How is dispersal integrated in life histories: a quantitative analysis using butterflies
    PDF download

    How far can a tortoise walk in open habitat before overheating? Implications for conservation

    Homogenization of lepidopteran communities in intensively cultivated agricultural landscapes
    PDF download

    High mobility reduces beta-diversity among orthopteran communities – implications for conservation

    Hedgerow trees and extended-width field margins enhance macro-moth diversity: implications for management
    PDF download

    Haldane's rule revisited: do hybrid females have a shorter lifespan? Survival of hybrids in a recent contact zone between two large gull species

    Habitat Changes Across EU Borders

    Green corridors in urban landscapes affect the arthropod communities of domestic gardens

    Grazing effects on plant functional group diversity in Mediterranean shrublands

    Grassland diversity under changing productivity and the underlying mechanisms – results of a 10-yr experiment

    Governance rescaling and the neoliberalization of nature conservation in the EU: We are not all in this together

    Governance factors in the identification of global conservation priorities for mammals
    PDF download

    Geographical variability in propagule pressure and climatic suitability explain the European distribution of two highly invasive crayfish

    Functional species pool framework to test for biotic effects on community assembly

    Functional and phylogenetic community assembly linked to changes in species diversity in a long-term resource manipulation experiment

    From supply to social demand: a landscape-scale analysis of the water regulation service

    French citizens monitoring ordinary birds provide tools for conservation and ecological sciences

    Frames of Scale Challenges in Finnish and Greek Biodiversity Conservation
    PDF download

    Four barriers to the global understanding of biodiversity conservation: wealth, language, geographical location and security

    Fiscal transfers for biodiversity conservation: The Portuguese Local Finances Law

    Factors influencing perception of protected areas – the case of Natura 2000 in Polish Carpathian communities

    Extinction debt for plants and flower-visiting insects in landscapes with contrasting land use history

    Exploring the contribution of fiscal transfers to protected area policy
    PDF download

    Exploring Dimensions, Scales, and Cross-scale Dynamics from the Perspectives of Change Agents in Social–ecological Systems

    Expertise et concertation : peut-on penser collectivement la protection intégrée de la nature ?

    Expansion of Nature Conservation Areas: Problems with Natura 2000 Implementation in Poland?
    PDF download

    Evidence for positive density-dependent emigration in butterfly metapopulations
    PDF download

    Evaluation of Multi-Scale Climate Effects on Annual Recruitment Levels of the Japanese Eel, Anguilla japonica, to Taiwan
    PDF download

    Evaluating the connectivity of a protected areas' network under the prism of global change: the efficiency of the European Natura 2000 network for four birds of prey
    PDF download

    EU agricultural reform fails on biodiversity

    Establishment of protected areas in different ecoregions, ecosystems, and diversity hotspots under successive political systems

    Engaging local private and public actors in biodiversity conservation: the role of agri-environmental schemes and ecological fiscal transfers. Environmental Policy and Governance

    Emerging multilevel environmental governance – A case of public participation in Poland
    PDF download

    Emerging Fragmentation Hotspots in Europe over the next 40 years

    Elevation and experimental snowmelt manipulation affect emergence phenology and abundance of soil-hibernating arthropods

    Ekosysteemipalvelut, vapaaehtoisuus ja soidensuojelu [Ecosystem services, voluntariness and mire conservation]

    Efficient biodiversity monitoring: Which taxonomic level to study?

    Effects of species turnover on reserve site selection in a fragmented landscape

    Effects of local adaptation and interspecific competition on species’ responses to climate change

    Effects of Connectivity and Spatial Resolution of Analyses on Conservation Prioritization across Large Extents

    Effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network to cover threatened species
    PDF download

    Effectiveness of Nature Conservation – a case of Natura 2000 sites in Poland. W: Protected Area Management
    PDF download

    Effect of habitat area and isolation on plant trait distribution in European forests and grasslands

    Edge artefacts and lost performance in national versus continental conservation priority areas
    PDF download

    Ecological assembly rules in plant communities-approaches, patterns and prospects
    PDF download

    Drivers of lichen species richness at multiple spatial scales in temperate forests

    Drivers of Environmental Change within the European Natura 2000 Network: Scaling properties and Implications for Biodiversity Conservation

    Downscaling species occupancy from coarse spatial scales

    Downscaling of supra-national heterogeneous coarse atlas data to obtain fine-grained distribution maps

    Dos and Don’ts for butterflies of the Habitats Directive of the European Union
    PDF download

    Does the interpolation accuracy of species distribution models come at the expense of transferability?

    Do all inter-patch movements represent dispersal? A mixed kernel study of butterfly mobility in fragmented landscapes.
    PDF download

    Distributional patterns of butterflies across multiple scales: differences between declining and expanding species and the impact of species traits

    Dispersal mood revealed by shifts from routine to direct flights in the meadow brown butterfly Maniola jurtina

    Dispersal and species’ responses to climate change

    Disentangling the effects of land use change, climate and CO2 on European habitat types

    Disentangling effects of habitat diversity and area on orthopteran species with contrasting mobility

    Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale

    Density of insect-pollinated grassland plants decreases with increasing surrounding land-use intensity

    Delimiting synchronous populations from monitoring data

    Deliberation in cooperative networks for forest conservation

    Decreased Functional Diversity and Biological Pest Control in Conventional Compared to Organic Crop Fields
    PDF download

    Costs of integrating economics and conservation planning

    Correlations in species richness between taxa depend on habitat, scale and landscape context

    Contrasting effects of habitat area and connectivity on evenness of pollinator communities

    Conservation planning with insects at three different spatial scales

    Conservation planning to zone protected areas under optimal landscape management for bird conservation

    Conservation planning in a fire-prone Mediterranean region: threats and opportunities for bird species

    Consequences of Range Contractions and Range Shifts on Molecular Diversity
    PDF download

    Connectivity of the European conservation network: A graph-theory based analysis considering dispersal capacities and minimum area requirements of species

    Community ecology of absent species: hidden and dark diversity

    Coming Across and Coping with Uncertainty in Biodiversity Research and Praxis
    PDF download

    Combined effects of extreme climatic events and elevation on nutritional quality and herbivory rates of alpine plants
    PDF download

    Can we predict the number of plant species from the richness of a few common genera, families or orders?
    PDF download

    Can public participation increase nature conservation effectiveness?

    Can coarse-grain patterns in insect atlas data predict local occupancy?
    PDF download

    Calibration of hybrid species distribution models: the value of general-purpose vs. targeted monitoring data

    Butterfly dispersal in inhospitable matrix: rare, risky, but long-distance
    PDF download

    Bushes protected tortoises from lethal overheating in arid areas of Morocco

    Bird-monitoring in Europe - a first overview of practices, motivations and aims
    PDF download

    Biodiversity conservation across scales: lessons from a science–policy dialogue
    PDF download

    Biodiversity change is scale-dependent: an example from Dutch and UK hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae)

    Between the stakeholders and forest policy – negotiating for societally accepted forest conservation in Finland
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