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In this section, you will be able to view all the completed, public SCALES deliverables as well as a listing of scientific publications resulting from the project. Project logo, posters, and leaflets can be downloaded from the Media Centre.

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By Keyword
  • beta diversity
  • biotic communities
  • biotic interactions
  • climate change
  • connectivity
  • dissemination of results
  • disturbance
  • downscaling
  • ecosystem services
  • ecosystems
  • effectiveness instruments
  • efficiency of instruments
  • environmental pressures
  • extinction debt
  • fragmentation
  • functional diversity
  • genes
  • governance
  • habitat loss
  • individuals
  • innovative instruments
  • isolation
  • management
  • matching of methods and instruments
  • participation
  • policy
  • populations
  • practical suitability of methods and policy instruments
  • resilience
  • scale-dependent impact
  • SCALES Tool
  • socio-economic driving forces
  • species area relationships
  • species richness
  • stability
  • upscaling

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    Between Geometry and Biology: The Problem of Universality of the Species-Area Relationship

    Beta-diversity patterns elucidate mechanisms of alien plant invasion in mountains

    Assessing the Natura 2000 network with a common breeding birds survey

    Assessing Governance Structures for Green Infrastructure

    Assessing functional connectivity: a landscape approach for handling multiple ecological requirements

    Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in plant roots are not random assemblages
    PDF download

    An optimal spatial pre-sampling approach distribution of bird species bases on various scale data

    An optimal sampling scheme with downscaling approach for sampling of bird species at various scale sample sites

    An approach to analysing scale-sensitivity and scale-effectiveness of governance in biodiversity conservation

    Administrative regions in conservation: Balancing local priorities with regional to global preferences in spatial planning

    Adapting global conservation strategies to climate change at the European scale: The otter as a flagship species

    Adaptability of prey handling effort in relation to prey size in predatory wasps (Hymenoptera: Eumeninae)

    Accounting for the capacity of common and rare species to contribute to diversity spatial patterns: is it a sampling issue or a biological effect?

    A synthesis of empirical plant dispersal kernels
    PDF download

    A spatial assessment of ecosystem services in Europe: Methods, case studies and policy analysis -phase 2

    A review on spatial data integration across monitoring schemes: mapping biodiversity from multiple monitoring data sources

    A panel of microsatellite markers developed for solitary trap-nesting wasp Ancistrocerus trifasciatus (Müller, 1776) by cross-species amplification
    PDF download

    A meta-analysis of dispersal in butterflies
    PDF download

    A GIS-based policy support tool to determine national responsibilities and priorities for biodiversity conservation
    PDF download

    A decision tool for listing species for protection on different geographic scales and administrative levels

    5,900 – 5,700 before present: The years when people changed ecological rules

    Genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation during a range expansion
    PDF download

    "Mind the gap!" - How well does Natura 2000 cover species of European interest?
    PDF download

    Assessing bee species richness in two Mediterranean communities: importance of habitat type and sampling techniques

    A protocol for better design, application and communication of population viability analyses
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